The Geologically Improbable Railroad

Geologically Improbable Mountain

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GI MountainGeologically Improbable Mountain has finally received some vegetation. The pixie Alberta Spruce on the lower peak couldn't handle the direct sun and have been replaced with dwarf Alberta Spruce. The ground cover is Scotch and Irish moss, baby tears and blue star creeper, however, much to my surprise, the baby's tears have taken over much of the mountain, and in direct sun at that. On the front slope is a Juniper Nana which is doing very well such that it needs pruning quite often. On top of the lower peak is a nice Berkshire juniper imported from England (Miniature Plant Kingdom has them) which is doing quite well in direct sun.

GI MountainAs of August, 2000, GIRR Mountain's foliage has matured some. The baby's tears on the front mountain have completely taken over, and in direct sun. I need to rip them out and put back in the blue star creeper which I liked a lot better.

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Created 1 Jul 98
Last Updated Aug 22, 2000