The Fairplex Garden Railroad

Fantasy Corner

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091101_fpgrr_futureopolis_7832.jpgFantasy corner has the work of Chris Wallas written all over it. I don't know when it was installed but in less than a week, it is due to be gone so I thought I'd get some pictures. However, due to the lighting, it was not possible to actually get good pics of every part of the scene.

091101_fpgrr_futureopolis_7821.jpgFutureopolis consists of three loops, one at ground level and two elevated ones. The two upper loops extend for a short distance behind the display.

091101_fpgrr_futureopolis_7817.jpgChris is well known for full up whimsy, these are a couple of examples of cars stored in the "roundhouse."

091101_fpgrr_futureopolis_7819.jpgThe combine in the back has a UFO crashed into it.

091101_fpgrr_futureopolis_7827.jpgI'm not sure what these are but they are "futuristic."

091101_fpgrr_futureopolis_7828.jpgThese two cars as well are not really describable.

091101_fpgrr_futureopolis_7826.jpgThe "Atlantis or Bust" train was waiting for a run out on a pier.

091101_fpgrr_futureopolis_7825.jpgThis is the pier over a water feature at the front of the display.

091101_fpgrr_futureopolis_7818.jpgThis is the train that runs at ground level.

091101_fpgrr_futureopolis_7829.jpgThe larger ground level train has a submarine themed locomotive.

091101_fpgrr_futureopolis_7830.jpgThe whole train has a nautical theme, but this one appears to be made from a V-2 model.

091101_fpgrr_futureopolis_7831.jpgThe last two cars in the train are also themed from underwater apparatus, but I'm not sure what the actually are.

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