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Bill on his MogulBill Brunner told me about the Spring 1999 meet where many of these pictures were taken or I wouldn't have known about it. He brought his engine out to stretch its legs. There were lots of other live steam engines running as well.

mogul in a steamup bayThis is Bill with his engine in the steamup bay. His boxcar is really a rolling toolbox.

0-4-0 steamerSteamers ranged widely in size. This little 0-4-0 was one of the smallest running on the 7 1/2" gauge track.

big northernThis Northern one of the larger engines running.

another northernA coal fired Northern was on the point of the excursion train that was giving rides to club members, their families, and visitors.

northern helpingThe ATSF Northern was helping on the excursion train. This engine is oil fired.

lals club steamerThis model of UP 3100 is a club owned engine that has recently gone through a rebuild and is now running fine. After a few more checkouts, it will be used and a training engine to qualify club members to operate live steam. The engine is fully operational as of this writing as has been recently used to haul the public on Sundays. The engine is fired with Diesel fuel.

large tank engineThis 0-4-4T was the "largest" engine there. I estimate that it is a model of a 2' gauge engine.

small scale rocketNot all the engines were large. This was the smallest live steamer that I saw there. It is a live steam model of the Stephenson Rocket. I was told that it was manufactured in England as sold in train sets.

Smog Belt 2-8-0This "Smog Belt" 2-8-0 was running almost constantly. The engine is "naturally" weathered with grease, dirt, and cinders but it ran just fine.

0-4-2This is another model of a 1830's prototype. I couldn't find the owner of this engine to ask questions, but it looked interesting.

1 inch AmericanSomebody did an excellent job on this 1" scale 1860's vintage American type.

1 inch AtlanticI didn't see this 1" scale Atlantic running, but it looks to be a fine model.

ten wheelerThis nearly complete 10 wheeler was standing for display. Whoever is building it is doing a fine job.

blue mogulThis Mogul often runs at LALS, it was on a steam up track this day.

king george vThe English prototype 10 Wheeler, named King George V, is one of the strongest pulling locos I've seen yet. It is a 4 cylinder loco (two outside and two inside) and pulls very smoothly. It is also heavily weighted. It can pull 5 of the ride on cars with 5 people each quite easily.

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