LAMRS Equipment, Introduction

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In September 2009 I joined a local model railroad club, the LAMRS (Los Angeles Model Railroad Society) that has a large HO layout located in Hawthorne, CA.

This club has been around for quite a while and had developed quite a roster of club owned equipment for members to use on run nights or during the scheduled operating sessions. Inevitably, some of this equipment becomes damaged either through accidents or handling. Some of it manages to die on it's own. Equipment deemed unsuitable for use on the railroad gets a "bad order" tag and is segregated into storage boxes. It would seem that the bad order equipment accumulates faster than the shops can fix it, hence the boxes have quite a bit of equipment in them.

The club has, in the last few years, converted the whole layout to DCC, but some of the equipment was not converted with the layout for a variety of reasons. This stuff finds it's way into the bad order boxes too.

In order to either return this equipment to service or to determine that it is unserviceable, somebody has to examine each piece and triage it. The club has inventoried all it's stuff and is making an effort to farm this work out to the member's own shops to get the work done. I've started on that task too.

The reason for this page to exist is to provide some sort of documentation on the equipment that I've worked on for the benefit of myself (I suffer from CRS) and other club members.

The club actively solicits new members and encourages new members to participate in all club activities from the beginning. Do not be surprised if someone shoves a throttle into your hand immediately so that you can start running trains from the git-go. New members do not need to own their own equipment, they can use the substantial amount of club equipment, some of which is described in these pages, at any club sponsored activity (work nights excepted as the track is often fouled by active work and tools).

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