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Personal Parts Usage

Lloyd brought in six old DH121 decoders, still packed in their original bags. I think that the plan was to sell them to the club, but they got put into club locos for testing immediately. The 7th decoder was part of a donation to the club. This table provides their current locations.

DH121 Status as of 3 Dec 10
Decoder Number Current Location Notes
1 NG Goose Works fine and since the Goose doesn't need speed matching, it could stay there.
2 Returned to Lloyd  
3 UP 4005 Loco in work.
4 Returned to Lloyd  
5 stock  
6 stock  
7 SP 8170 Loco in disposition. This decoder has burned out headlight functions.

To expedite finishing these locos I've used some of my own parts. The club has provided other parts, some of which I still have and will return to the club when this job is finished. I've only listed parts here which have a value more than pennies. Shrink tube, adhesive, resistors, bits of styrene, Kadee boxes and knuckle springs, wire and a few screws don't count.

Personal Parts Usage
Loco Qty Part Approximate Value Reimbursement Status
BN 248 2 3 mm warm white LED $1 ea reimbursed
SP 3343 2 3 mm warm white LED $1 ea reimbursed
Misc 1 bag Kadee Centering Springs $3 ? replaced
ATSF 2790 2 5 mm white LED $1 ea reimbursed
SP 5669 2 5 mm white LED $1 each reimbursed
various rolling stock 7.7 oz lead shot TBD replaced from club stock of stick on weights

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